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House Instruments

No studio is complete without some tasty toys to add something special. Trick Dog Recording offers a wide selection of quality instruments that can be used on your project.

Piano The drum set is a handsome Yamaha Tour Custom. It is five piece, maple shell and fitted with Evans heads. Cymbals are by K. and A. Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste. There are additional snare drums from Slingerland and Sonor.

Having a real piano in a studio is a rarity these days. Trick Dog Recording is proud to own a beautiful 1930s 5'1" Chickering Baby Grand in immaculate condition. Well voiced and regulated, it is very crisp with a resonant bass that belies its size.

The highly regarded Nord Electro 3 provides a huge pallette of realistic and satisfying vintage keys including a stunning Hammond B3 with Leslie, a multi-sampled Yamaha C7 grand, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Mellotron and others.

Bass There is an original Moog Model D MiniMoog, a Rhodes Suitcase model with vibrato, a Big Briar/Moog Theremin and a DrumKat midi controller.

The list of house amps begins with a new, handbuilt Headstrong Lil' King which is a replica of a '64 Fender Princeton Reverb with a 12" speaker. There is a highly customized Fender Blues Junior with a Weber vintage 10" speaker, an original Budda Twinmaster 2 x 10 and a Fender Ultralinear Twin 2 x 12. All guitar amps are all-tube and are carefully maintained. Only premium tubes are used.

For bass, there is the classic Ampeg B-15N, which is completely refurbished. It is tight, punchy and sonic. In addition, there are Ampeg SVP-CL and Alembic F-1X bass preamps.

There is hand percussion available for when inspiration strikes.

And there is lots more!