"Don't do it alone"

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Recording Equipment

Digital Performer 7 runs on a dual 2.3GHz G5 for multitrack recording. Audio I/O is provided by a MOTU PCI system which features two Black Lion Audio modified MOTU 1224 interfaces allowing for up to sixteen simultaneous analog inputs. All recording is done at 24 bit, 44.1kHz. The system is externally clocked by a BLA Micro Clock.

DSP Quattro 3 is used for two track editing and CD mastering. Plug-ins include Altiverb 6 convolution reverb, WaveArts, PSP and MOTU eq and compression and more.

Monitoring is through B&W 705 mains with NAD amplification fed by a Benchmark audio D-to-A converter.

Multitrack mixing and CD mastering is done "out of the box" through a Roll Audio 16 x 2 summing network.

Mic preamps include four channels of premium Focusrite Red Range, four channels of Daking, a Universal Audio LA-610 tube channel strip, as well as Aphex Tubessence and Mackie Onyx.

Analog compression is by Crane Song, dbx and FMR.

The headphone system is powered by a four channel DACS Headlight which can be configured for two separate stereo cue mixes.

Legacy media include ADAT Blackface, Otari MX5050B 1/4" analog tape, Sony R500 DAT, Denon cassette and a beautiful Stanton ST-150 turntable fitted with an Ortofon cartridge and a special mat.

The microphones: Microtech Gefell UM70, Audio Technica 4050 (pair), M Audio Sputnik Tube (pair), Josephson C42 (pair), Shure VP88 M/S stereo, Cascade Fat Head ribbon w/Lundahl transformer, Shure SM81 (pair), Audix i5, Shure SM57 (pair), Shure SM58, Shure Beta 52, EV RE20, Sennheiser E609 (pair) and others.