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The Studio Building

The Studio

The most important attribute of any recording space is the acoustics. Good acoustics not only means good recorded sound, it also means inspired performance from the artist.

Trick Dog Recording features all wood construction, cathedral ceilings nearly eleven feet at the peak and a 500 sq. ft. open L-shaped layout which lends itself to sonic exploration. The sound is very present, alive and clear. It particularly compliments acoustic instruments.

The building is located in a very quiet area, surrounded by woods and set well back from the lightly travelled road. There is a drum riser which is constructed of 3/4" MDF which is carpeted and mounted on Auralex Platfoam runners. This isolates the drums from the building structure, keeping more of the acoustic energy in the room and focussing the drum sound.

In the back corner is a vocal/isolation booth. It has a specially angled window for sight lines into the main room. It is actively ventilated with one of the quietest exhaust fans available. The exterior wall in this area has been deepened to provide more than 18" of sound barrier from the outside. It is exceptionally quiet!

WiFi and phone service are provided.

Wall with Guitars Vocal Booth