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Trick Dog Recording offers versatile, creative and professional recording services:
  • Tracking, mixing, editing and mastering recording projects, from quick demos to complete albums.
  • Acoustic music is a specialty. The studio lends itself especially well to recording classical, jazz and folk/world/singer-songwriter in a relaxed and attractive setting.
  • Superior audition tapes for students.
  • Piano recordings featuring the fine 1937 Chickering baby grand.
  • Vocal recordings using customer-supplied, widely available karaoke backing tracks, mixed and blended seamlessly.
  • Experienced, gentle coaching for all instruments and voice.
  • Live location recording in schools, churches and other venues.
  • Special attention is given to singer-songwriters in developing a full-sounding and professional CD project. Complete production assistance is available. Friendly ears and a light touch are guaranteed.
  • Record at home? Let Trick Dog Recording polish and master your final mixes. Recording and mixing assistance in your home/studio is also available.
  • Sound design for video, film and theater.
  • Transfers from older media - LPs, ¼" tape, cassettes - to CD.
  • Digital restoration of 78 RPM records.
  • A small, high fidelity PA system with engineer is available. Please inquire for details.
  • Audio consulting for the purchase and use of recording and PA gear.

    Anything to do with music and sound!