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News, tips, links, and stuff from Trick Dog Recording.

Bill Davis returns to Trick Dog Recording
December 21, 2013

Bill Davis, one of our favorite singer-songwriters, has completed Change, his third CD done at TDR. Enjoy the lushly produced, moody River Branch on the TDR Music tab. 

David Cooper finishes four tunes at TDR
December 7, 2013

David Cooper, a singer-songwriter from New York City, has completed four tracks here at Trick Dog Recording. The original tracking session was reported here earlier this year. You can listen to the dreamy funk Dream House on the TDR Music tab. A full-length CD is forthcoming.

Jazz vocalist Lin Z. completes her album
December 3, 2013

Linda Smith aka Lin Z. has a new CD to be proud of! Her project consists of seven tunes recorded with a full band at another facility, plus three additional selections recorded at Trick Dog Recording. The closer is a bit of delightful Monty Python zaniness. All tunes were edited, mixed and mastered at Trick Dog. Check the Music tab to sample Lazy Susan, a ballad written by Laura Nyro and beautifully sung by Lin Z.

Fish House Road records for Relix
July 11, 2013

Indie band Fish House Road was at Trick Dog Recording to meet a tight submission deadline for a Relix Magazine compilation. They play intricate guitar- and ukulele-driven music in the same realm as Phish. The session was recorded with the full band playing in the studio. There were minimal overdubs and sweetening. We wish them luck in their endeavours!

David Cooper records four tunes at Trick Dog Recording
April 13, 2013

Singer/songwriter David Cooper recorded basic tracks for four tunes. Session players on this date were Coyote Anderson on guitar and Obi Kaye on percussion. It was a stellar, sonic afternoon. 

David serves up a tasty stew of funk, soul and latin influences. Overdubs are in progress and a release is anticipated later this year.


Obi Kaye masters new CD "Change for a Paradigm"
February 2, 2012

World percussionist Obi Kaye makes great music happen in his home studio. Several CDs demonstrate his skill and vision. For his latest release Obi chose to bring his final stereo mixes to Trick Dog Recording for mastering. While TDR is not a mastering studio per se, the polishing and dependable reproduction that can be achieved here is quite a bargain for the price.

The analog mastering chain features the Focusrite Red Range 2 parametric equalizer followed by the Crane Song Ltd. STC compressor/limiter, one of the finest available, and then back into the computer through the Black Lion Audio customized MOTU 1224s. DSP Quattro is used for final re-recording, editing, sequencing and burning the CD master.

You can learn more about Obi and his unique music at his website.