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News, tips, links, and stuff from Trick Dog Recording.

Dizzy Feast Rocks Trick Dog Recording
August 16, 2016

Local band Dizzy Feast brought their eclectic rock stew to TDR for a three song session. All tunes were recorded live with vocals and without any overdubs. Shane Andrewski, guitarist and vocalist, runs a tight trio featuring Kyle Hector on drums and John Snow-Manzi on bassThey are very engaging both live and recorded. An exhilirating afternoon! For a taste, check out "Kinematics" on the music player page. The pics were taken at Dizzy Feast's August 20, 2016 gig at The Heron in Narrowsburg.

Mordechai Cohen Records a New Album
April 26, 2016

Pianist, composer, music teacher and long time friend Mordechai ("Mort") Cohen came back to Trick Dog Recording to make his second album of original tunes.  The Chickering sang under his fingers and Mort said he loves this instrument. The piano certainly complemented his melodic style and freewheeling improvisations. The piano was recorded using a Blumlein array which gives an intimate stereo image without exaggerated left/right movement. Listen to "Shalom" on the TDR music player page.

Nick Roes Releases "I Shouldn't Be Singing This Song"
November 19, 2015

Nick Roes has released his first CD of original songs recorded at Trick Dog Recording during two whirlwind sessions in September and October. Nick runs the Artists' Market Community Center in Shohola, PA. His CD is available on CD Baby, iTunes and is in rotation on Pandora.

Mike Stegman completes vocal CD
May 6, 2015

Using pre-recorded karaoke tracks, gifted country singer Mike Stegman created an album of his personal favorites. The backing tracks available today are performed and recorded very professionally. Add in a great singer, a great mic and some mixing polish and the results can be very satisfying. It has been noted that one of the tracks rivals the original hit!

Jazz guitarist Glenn Heller finishes solo project' "Lullabies"
April 20, 2015

Milford, PA jazz guitarist Glenn Heller has completed a collection of jazz standards which he arranged for multiple guitars, both electric and acoustic. Glenn played everything, overdubbing his parts flawlessly. The end result is a musical and sonic treat. 

The Coyote Anderson Quartet releases their first album
November 23, 2014


Trick Dog Recording is proud to have made The Coyote Anderson Quartet's first album, "Inner Voices." Guitarist and composer Coyote Anderson is joined by vocalist Corina Hernandez, bassist Carl Limbacher and the extraordinary drummer Diego Maldonado. A weekend session for basic tracking plus another afternoon of fixes and overdubbing has resulted in an collection of music that is open and adventurous, yet grounded in a decidedy Latin feel. The album has been receiving good press and is highly recommended. Check out Coyote's site for more info and concert dates.